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A Hive of Activity

As an Air Force veteran, I was a massage therapist on a mission. Frustrated with skincare products that were loaded with unnatural, unnecessary fillers, I wanted to find a more natural alternative for my clients. The solution? Become a beekeeper and create formulas of my own!

Along with my wife Lauren, I founded Jennings Apiaries in 2012 on a straightforward yet powerful idea: Keep products as simple as possible!

Busy Bees

Great products start with happy employees – and honeybees are no exception! Our apiaries are Certified Naturally Grown and feature top bar hives, allowing our bees to live more naturally. Free of chemicals and antibiotics, we’re able to ensure that our wax and honey are completely uncontaminated.

The result is a wide range of hair and skincare products with a focus on pure, simple formulas! With beard balms, lotions and salves, Jennings Apiaries stands as a natural alternative to beauty products packed with fillers and artificial ingredients. The best part? Everything is sourced locally and organically for products that will make you feel as good as they’ll make you look.

What’s the Buzz?

We’re always developing new, effective formulas, so be sure to check in regularly for our latest releases. Some of our upcoming products include lip balm, beard oil and spicy honey cider!

Dedicated to giving back, we also started a non-profit bee sanctuary and proudly donate 5% of all profits! By providing education about bees and other pollinators, we hope to create a world that’s sweeter than honey.