It's Simple...

Jennings Apiaries is focused on simple, sustainable living. That begins with our honeybees, and we put their care and well-being above all else in our business.

For our customers, we’re committed to providing the absolute best products and service, focusing on natural, effective and simple ingredients.


We proudly embrace these principles:


1. Bees know what to do

Bees know how to be bees, and we should interfere as little as possible. They have over 160 million years experience "beeing", and we trust their judgment.


2. Stewards, not keepers

Our role is to be good stewards for our bees rather than just "keep" them. We work with their natural instincts instead of attempting to control them. 


3. Long term effects

We have an obligation to consider long-term consequences of our actions and strive to do what’s best for our bees and for the community.