30" Top Bar Hive

30" Top Bar Hive


Made from Ozark Red Cedar

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These are the top bar hives that we use ourselves! They are 30" long, which is the length that we have found perfect for our area! We based this length off of research conducted by Tom Seeley on the optimal volume for a honey bee hive.

The hive includes the box, top bars with wax foundation strips installed, stand, and weather proof lid that has a chalkboard surface on the bottom of it to keep notes right at the hive!

We have a very limited number of these hives available, so get one now!

Special Deal - If you sign up for our beekeeping classes, we will discount the price of this hive by $25! To get this deal, send an email to jenningsapiaries@gmail.com for the discount code.

Some of our bees in a top bar hive! We are all treatment free. https://www.jenningsapiaries.com