Top Bar Nuc

Top Bar Nuc


4 Combs, Treatment Free Bees & 2017 Queen

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Nucleus colonies, or "nucs", are a great way to start a hive with established combs for the best chances of survival and honey harvest!

These nucs will come with 4 combs full of brood, pollen and honey. It will also come with approximately 3 lbs of bees and a 2017 treatment free queen from our best stock. Very limited availability! 

The sale price is good until 3/15/17

Bees and Combs ONLY - You will still need a top bar hive to place them in. Free plans can be downloaded here

Sign up for our beekeeping classes to learn how to take care of these bees and receive a special discount code worth $25!

Some of our bees in a top bar hive! We are all treatment free.