It's an exciting time of year to be a beekeeper. We have been getting all of our hives ready, frames built and extra gear ordered. This year is looking to be our most expansive and busy year yet!

It was decided last year after playing with a few top bar hives that we would be shifting our entire operation over to top bar hives. That is still true but we decided that to better serve local beekeepers that use Langstgroth hives, we will also maintain 10 frame deeps and 5 frame nucs for sale. 

The plan is to start breeding bees and rearing queens this year from our best stock. We are dedicated to not using treatments of any kind and allowing superior genetics and natural selection to provide a local bee that doesn't require constant chemical inputs. These bees will be for sale starting next Spring and we will start taking reservations as early as this summer. Queens and queen cells will be available starting in April of this year and going for as long as the weather permits.

In addition to selling Langstroth style nucs and single deep body hives, we will also be selling top bar style nucs and full top bar hives. We have decided to go with a modified version of Les Crowder's top bar hive plan. We are encouraging all of the local beekeepers interested in top bar hives to also use this plan so that we may have interchangeable frames. The modifications that we've made include a slot cut into the bottom board to hold Beetle Blaster beetle traps and entrances on both sides of the hives. There will be a post later to fully explain and demonstrate the changes I've made to adapt this hive to local conditions and my methods of keeping bees.

We are going to start using a GoPro camera to make videos of our practices and help educate the public about bees and beekeeping in Northern Louisiana. Also, we intend on posting interviews with local and well known beekeepers in the near future. More details on this will be coming soon!

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. If there are any questions or comments, don't hesitate to let us know!

Aaron & Lauren


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