Part of our plan for keeping bees moving forward is based on using horizontal hives. We will use top bar hives primarily but also want to keep framed hives so that we can produce nucs and sell bees.

We used plans for a horizontal deep hive from Horizontal Hive. It holds 31 Langstroth deep frames. We will manage the hives in a very similar way to the top bar hives.

We made entrances by cutting 5) 1" holes on the left side of the hive about midway up. These will be the main entrance of the hive. There is another hole on the right side of the hive that will be opened up during the main flow when the bees are bringing in lots of nectar. I have seen similar ideas in vertical hives by adding an upper entrance during the main flow. 

On the back side of the hive are 3) 1" holes covered in hardware cloth that will be opened for ventilation during the hottest times of the summer.

The roof is a single sheet of 1/2" plywood. We may add hinges at a later time. Under the roof will be a long piece of burlap made from old coffee bean bags. We'll stiffen the burlap with a mix of flour and water. This will allow us to only expose the frame or frames that need to be worked and not disturb the other frames and bees. In the top bar hives I've managed, this has made the bees much less agitated and aggravated. 

The current plan is to move already boxed hives into these new horizontal hives. We will make a video of us doing this and take some pictures as well. Then we will also write another entry covering that process and how it goes.