I have wanted to start a podcast aimed at people doing similar things in beekeeping to our own plans. I finally got my first interview done and am going to post it here.

Our first interview is with Les Crowder. We talked about top bar hives and transitioning from Langstroth hives to top bar hives and a few other topics such as his work in Jamaica.

I will admit that this is a rough recording. Les was actually traveling to LA to catch a flight to Jamaica and stopped on the side of the road to have the interview. I really appreciate him taking the time to do that.

If there seems to be an audience and interest for this podcast I am willing to invest in some better sound equipment and the time to do some post processing and clean up the episodes more. I have several more interviews lined up in the next couple of weeks that I am excited about. If you are a beekeeper trying to, or already running a sideline or small scale commercial operation and want to be interviewed send me an email at jenningsapiaries@gmail.com

If there are any questions, feedback or suggestions please feel free to let me know :)