I apologize for the bee pun, but I just couldn't resist. Lauren and I were full of them last week while we did a lot of work in the apiaries.

This is the single busiest time of the year for a beekeeper in our part of the world. Spring is finally here and the bees are building up rapidly, taking advantage of the plethora of flowers and blooming trees available. We will be doing our best to just keep up with our busy girls and if we are lucky, we may get ahead! From now until the end of June, it is full throttle for beekeepers.

Not only are the bees keeping us busy, but preparations for the many farmers' markets we plan on attending are as well. This year, Lauren and I are going to sell at the Monroe River Market, the Ruston Farmer's Market, possibly the Shreveport Farmers' Market and a few sales held by different groups like the Ruston Master Gardeners. We enjoy getting out and meeting customers and other vendors.

Last week, we finished arranging hives that we have on blueberries for pollination at Homestead Hills Blueberry Farm near Choudrant, LA. 

After that, we headed to an out yard and made 9 single deep body hives from 12 hives there by doing some even (even-ish) splits. It was hot and difficult, but Lauren kept going like a champ. It's the first year I've ever had help and it makes a huge difference.

I also started raising queens to sell as cells and mated queens. Follow our Instagram to keep up to date with our queens and bee breeding. 

On Saturday we were at the first Monroe Downtown RiverMarket of the year. We had a great time and got to meet some new people. we also sold some new products and got some great feedback! Thanks to everyone that came out and took the time to talk to us. 

Along with all of that we are busy building more hives, frames and getting our top bar supers ready. Those are based off of the interview I did with Les Crowder last week. I'll keep the blog updated with our progress on transitioning into top bar hives.

This really is an exciting time to be a beekeeper and me and Lauren are looking forward to see how the rest of the year turns out. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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