So after speaking with Les Crowder, I started thinking about his top bar super idea for transferring bees from a langstroth box to a top bar hive. I finally built a prototype to try it out!

So I made the super the same width as a langstroth and it holds 10 top bars, each 1 3/8". I then used some scrap plywood from building D Coates' nucs to cove up the rest of the top of the langstroth box. There is a 2" hole in the bottom of the top bar super to allow the bees in. 

Then, I closed the bottom entrance and left the top bar entrance open. On the inside I put a cleat on each top bar, from cutting angles on the bottom board and walls, as a comb guide. Since I had some extra wax foundation I went on and added that as well to help get them started.

I had bought a case of creamed honey to use as starters for our own creamed honey, but the creamed honey I bought had a horrible texture. Since I couldn't use it as a starter I decided to use them as feed. Normally, I wouldn't use bought honey to feed the bees but creamed honey has been pasteurized and since I'm not going to eat it they might as well. I placed a jar of creamed honey opened and on its side inside the top next to one of the walls. I figure that will coax them up into the box and it helped them find the entrance holes a little easier.

I'll go back next week and check on them to see how it's going. I'll be sure to post an update when I have more information.