I went and checked the top bar supers that I built. They are all showing growth of comb, although a bit slower than I expected. I think that is because of all the rain we have been receiving. It hasn't allowed the bees to actually store excess honey because just about the time they collect a bunch of nectar it rains for several days in a row and they eat it all.

I attached foundation to the guides and have noticed that the bees chew away the foundation from the guid and have started the combs on the part of the foundation that extended down past the cleat/guide. I will include some pictures that help show everyone what I'm talking about.

I am starting to shake swarms in from my hives into top bar boxes now as well. I am closing them up for a day with a feeder and using vinyl screen mesh. I am taking some of the combs that have been started in my top bar supers and placing them inside the new artificial swarms to give them something to cluster around and make it a little more homey.

I intend to feed them fairly heavily to get them to build combs up and start to prep for winter. I enjoy beekeeping because I am always having to think months ahead and how the things I do today will affect the future. We are always learning something new!

There will continue to be updates as the summer progresses!