Hey! I wanted to let anyone know that may be interested that we will be hosting beekeeping classes again this year!

The focus will now be entirely on top bar beehives and the pros and cons of using them. Our entire operation has switched over to top bar and we are obviously big proponents of using horizontal hives in general.

The classes will cover:

  • Basic Bee Biology
  • An overview of the superorganism that is a bee colony
  • Basics of constructing a top bar hive
  • Seasonal management for top bar hives
  • A hands-on look at a bee hive and its parts
  • Q&A with Aaron

The class will cost $25 and will last at least 3 hours, usually closer to 4. Water and some type of sweet yummies will be provided. We will also record audio of the class and have that available for folks to download at a later time. Space will be limited to 12 people. The location is still being worked out but will be in the Ruston area. The proceeds will go towards the Louisiana Bee Sanctuary, our effort to raise awareness and educate people about honey bees and other pollinators.

Dates will be:
3/25/17 9am - 12pm
4/15/17 9am - 12pm
5/13/17 9am - 12pm
6/17/17 9am - 12pm

If you or someone you know is interested in keeping bees in a plain and simple way, please share this information with them! Thanks!