Hey All!

      This is Lauren Jennings, part owner of Jennings Apiaries! Aaron and I want to keep you updated on the latest with our business and ourselves. I will be writing a blog post once a month highlighting things I’m currently reading and interested in etc. Here we go!

What I’m wearing: Blundstone boots baby!

Aaron got me these for Christmas and I am very pleased with them! I needed a versatile leather boot that could go from the garden to casual everyday wear while still looking good! Great support, they keep you warm, and very easy to slip on and off. They cost $150 at the cheapest to $200 at the most and run a little big. That may seem a bit pricey but the quality will last you. Did I mention they are from Australia?! Leather boots are my thing and these are a good buy. Find it here

What I’m reading: Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden by Erin Benzakein

I LOVE fresh cut flowers and try to surround myself with their beauty often! One of the best ways to do that is trying to grow your own which is why I was SO excited to see Erin, owner of Floret Farm publish her book! She grows her flowers in WA state but includes lots of information that can be applied to other climates and growing zones. My favorite part is that she tells you about how many days to start your seeds before the first frost. Stunning images, informative info...I will be turning to this book again and plan to use it at a coffee table book as well! Highly suggest it for those who garden or interested in getting started! Hard copy on Amazon.com for $20.36 with Prime...A steal! Find it here

What I’m using: Broadfork gardening tool

S-T-O-K-E-D that my borrowing days are over and I finally have my own Broadfork! What is a broad fork you say? A broadfork is a handheld tool for breaking up soil in your garden. Using a tractor or walk-behind tiller are quick methods to break ground, but they do two things: 1. They disrupt the natural ecology of the soil by turning what’s underneath on top. Nature has it figured out- We don’t want to disturb the natural layers and beneficial systems already in place which leads to number two. 2. Large equipment compacts the soil, which is not good for baby roots while trying to start a garden. The Broadfork lifts soil, creating an ideal environment for delicate roots to form while still maintaining those precious ecological layers! Plus, it builds character and upper body strength...Win-win-win-win! Highly recommend this tool for beginning gardeners, backyard gardeners, and those interested in soil regeneration and sustainability! See time-lapse below to see in in action. If you are going to buy one, get a Meadow Creature. $200ish with shipping and best made. Find it here

What I’m excited about: My Spring garden!


Let me tell you, my seeds are ordered and my planner is FULL! For the first time, I’ve been really proactive with garden planning this year. My first Spring seeds will go in the greenhouse next week! I found a free app that has been helpful - Burpee Garden Planner. You create a profile and type in your zip code. Then you select what vegetables, herbs, or flowers you’d like to grow and it gives you a suggested start date for seeds and transplants! Granted, not every variety/type is present but they have a lot of the basics! Really helpful tool that is taking the guesswork out of it for me. Find it here

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to see what Jennings Apiaries has in store for the new year!