our Story 

If you asked us 5 years ago what life would look like now, never in our wildest dreams would we have guessed this. Aaron was rogue; He had tattoos, piercings, and said goodbye to 9-5 employment as he started this beekeeping thing. I was off farming in Colorado or New Mexico swearing never to return to Ruston, until I ran out of money and found a job back home.

Aaron progressed in his beekeeping and had enough honey and beeswax products to sell at the local farmers market. I was restless living in Ruston but at least they had a farmers market I enjoyed attending. I started volunteering and was soon asked to be on the board of the farmers market. Most Saturdays I was at the welcome tent until I met this young beekeeper with tattoos, piercings, and a beard. I WAS INTO HIM. I began to migrate every Saturday to his table, and stayed there. We were engaged six months later, and married six months after that on October 24, 2015!

Our first year of marriage looked like us trying to explode our honey business from a 200 sq ft tiny house on a farm outside of Ruston. There was some frustration and hair pulling, but we stuck it out. We quickly learned how much work it took to be self-employed and run your own business. We balanced the hustle with time spent outdoors with the bees, and being present and intentional about making our products. These days, it’s easy to get caught up in the production side; filling and shipping orders, answering emails, and sending invoices. But each time honey is harvested, or wax is melted down to make lip balm for someone, we are reminded of why we do what we do. We are providing the most pure, essential product for YOU from the most intentional, ethically kept beehives. Our principle is the foundation of our life and business. We’re about KINDNESS, HONESTY, and SIMPLICITY.