Baby Bee Salve

Baby Bee Salve

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All natural, cloth diaper safe!

Pure - Using only 5 all natural ingredients including our beeswax

We use only the purest forms of ingredients. Our beekeeping operation is unique in that we use only top bar beehives, a hive that allows bees to live more naturally. This provides the purest beeswax without all of the chemicals that most beekeepers use. 

For the ingredients that we cannot make ourselves, we source them organically and Fair Trade certified. We want to provide the highest quality skin care available. Anywhere.

Simple - Other companies produce "natural" products but try to add a large variety of ingredients or use "naturally derived" products. At Jennings Apiaries, we believe Nature has provided all that we need when it comes to food and skin care.

We keep our formulations as simple as possible. This eliminates worry about allergies and other sensitivities.We figure why complicate a good thing? :)

Effective - Pure and simple are great ideas, but if the product doesn't work it isn't doing anyone good. The ingredients we use have the stamp of approval from centuries of use and scientific research.

Our products really work. As a massage therapist for over 10 years, Aaron has used every lotion, cream, balm and oil. We developed these formulations based on his experiences and research that backs up each and every ingredient.

Baby Bee Salve from Jennings Apiaries is a pure, simple and effective solution for your baby's skin. Free from petroleum, parabens, phthalates and other synthetic or artificial chemical and fillers, Baby Bee Salve is gentle, moisturizing and nourishing for even the most sensitive skin.

Jennings Apiaries is on a mission to provide the best skin care using all natural ingredients and saving bees at the same time!

100% Money Back Guarantee

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